My Opinion On Affirmative Action

my Opinion On Affirmative Action

Asian-Americans when the conversation turns to affirmative action. Fight your own battles. Habitus, one of the big mysteries for many of us is why, half a century after. I am not going to try to force feed you with a semester of French social theory but look. Nevertheless, it is the only policy currently addressing the institutionalized and systematic oppressions students from marginalized communitiesespecially students of colorface in achieving higher education. That doesnt mean fall into the trap of conspiracy theories or anything like that. Affirmative action gives minorities a fair chance for success, and this will eventually lead to the end of stereotypes and prejudice. Our world, our schools, and our role models would be and look different without. It is a clear cut example of racial mascoting and exploitation of another social groups struggle for the benefit of ones own.

Well, I think that you might benefit from reading some Pierre Bourdieu. We arent going to do that here but keep in mind the dependency weve created on private goods that should be public goods is pretty damning.

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Private elite institutions maintain social capital. Advertisement, if we were to picture a Harvard that didnt recognize these challenges in the admissions process, a Harvard without affirmative action, what would it look like? Real life is like that. I also think you can trust the judges. You can say that the rich kid who came in rich and leaves rich deserved it because they are smart, not because they simply were rich.

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