The Definition of Cyclones

the Definition of Cyclones

This article studies,. Path of Katrina Hurricane, difference Between Cyclone and Hurricane, definition. Winds actually reach their greatest speed at an altitude of about 300 metres (1,000 feet) above the surface. It does not mean that American experts completely agree with the judgment. Because warmer air can hold more moisture before condensation occurs, the eye of the cyclone is generally free of clouds. A final requirement for the intensification of tropical cyclones is that there must be little change in the wind speed with height above the surface. A tropical cyclone with the maximum wind of less than 34 knots is called a tropical depression. When updrafts reach the stable tropopause (the upper a Wild Family Affair boundary of the troposphere, some 16 km 10 miles above the surface the air flows outward.

Some of the local variability in damage that is often observed during tropical cyclones is due to the direction that buildings face relative to the prevailing wind. March 1, 2011 Shero Naqvi, no Comments 276 views, tags: What is the definition of cyclone, What is the direction of the cyclone. In addition to low pressure at the centre, there is also a rapid variation of pressure across the storm, with most of the variation occurring near the centre. However, the magnitude of this pressure-induced surge is minimal because the density of water is large compared with that of air. In addition to deep convective cells (compact regions of vertical air movement) surrounding the eye, there are often secondary cells arranged in bands around the centre. They may have different view on meteorological data, and have different judgment on whether the maximum wind is over or under 34 knots.

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