Pompey the Great

pompey the Great

wife Aemilia, Pompey married Sullas step daughter Mucia Tertia, which like most marriages of the time, was probably a political move. Pompey was idealized as a tragic hero almost tomorrow Is Another Country immediately after Pharsalus and his murder. In August.C., with Pompey in pursuit, Caesar paused near Pharsalus, setting up camp at a strategic location. The nobles would not have him as dictator; they thought it safer to appoint him sole consul. 168 At times, he was reluctant to risk an open battle. His proposals for a compromise date for Caesars recall were unacceptable to Caesar, whose sole resource now was to use the wealth he had accumulated in Gaul to buy men who could obstruct his enemies in the Senate.

They besieged towns or took them by storm and plundered them. The camps of the opposing forces were quite close. Pompey then decided to move south because it was too difficult to try to reach Mithridates in the Cimmerian Bosporus and thus he did not want to wear out his own strength in a vain pursuit. The nobles whom Sulla had restored to power had proved to be more corrupt and incompetent than ever. In the next few days he pushed his lines closer to the hill where Pompey's camp was. His the Pain Reliever Medicines soldiers seem to have sacrificed to their teDead Sea Scrolls, 1QpHab.1-6. Pompey lent two of these legions to Caesar for his wars in Gaul at his request.

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