Themes from The Glory Field

themes from The Glory Field

when he supported a demonstration for civil rights. Even if he hated sweet potatoes and was tired, he finished harvesting sweet potatoes and tried to change the Curry Island to a resort. All three of them escaped and joined the army to fight for their freedom. When Lizzy was there with Lem, a white man, Mister Joe Haynes, caught her.

His body was buried in the Glory Field. On the Curry Island, Malcolm and his cousin Robert Smalls tried to harvest the sweet potatoes and also he learned his family history. Beginning in the eighteenth century with Muhammad Bilal's capture in Africa and subsequent enslavement, those belonging to the Lewis family are concerned with being free. Lizzy, Moses and the others are the human property of Old Master Lewis. Mohammad Bilals difficult journey started from the ship when they brought him from Sierra Leone to South Carolina. Freedom (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) is a theme woven through each character's life. Muhammad's vow to survive no matter what represents the character's commitment to remaining free in his mind and in his spirit. Elijah was forced to leave Curry because he tried to hit the white man Frank Patty with an oar. In the war Lem died.

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