History of Ehlers - Danlos Syndrome

history of Ehlers - Danlos Syndrome

exhibit some of the symptoms associated with the disorder; however, according to reports in the medical literature, to date, no female carriers of the disease gene for X-linked EDS have experienced symptoms. The protein determined by the COL3A1 gene is used to assemble larger type III collagen molecules, found mostly in skin, blood vessels, and internal organs. EDS classical, hypermobility, and vascular types account for most reported cases of the disorder. Diagnosis, the diagnosis may be considered clinically by genetics or dermatology specialists and can be confirmed by genetic testing. The original classification system differentiates between severe and mild forms of classic EDS (EDS I and II). EDS arthrochalasia type is transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait. The clinical evaluation of individuals with suspected or diagnosed EDS typically includes assessments to detect and determine the extent of skin and joint hyperextensibility. Simple measures can help protect some of your joints and skin from injury, such as wearing wrist supports and padding your elbows and knees.

The diagnosis of, ehlers, danlos syndrome is based upon the clinical findings of the patient and the family history. What are the types of, ehlers, danlos syndrome? Each type of, ehlers, danlos syndrome is defined as a distinct problem in connective tissue. types of, ehlers - Danlos syndrome, as well as brittle cornea syndrome, are inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern.

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More rarely, depending upon the specific disorder subtype present, certain abnormalities may be apparent beginning at birth (congenital). People with other forms of EDS may also have slightly thinner skin than usual. Skin is soft but not overly stretchy. Twenty-five percent of their children may receive both normal genes, one from each parent, and will be genetically normal (for that particular trait). The symptoms and findings associated with EDS periodontosis type (formerly the Facts about Space Exploration EDS Type viii) are considered similar to those seen in EDS classical type.

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history of Ehlers - Danlos Syndrome

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