Psychosocial Development in Early Childhood

psychosocial Development in Early Childhood

serve them well for the rest of their lives. The fourth psychosocial stage takes place during the early school years from approximately age 5. Again, with young children, it is often more appropriate to focus not only on how the children themselves are functioning, but equally if not more so, on the families capacities to foster and sustain their well-being. From an intervention standpoint, the central tenet stemming from extant research is that resilience rests, most fundamentally, on strong relationships.

Success in this stage leads to a sense of purpose. The theory fails to detail exactly what type of experiences are necessary at each stage in order to successfully resolve the conflicts and move to the next stage. Implications, what are the implications of these findings for interventions and policies? Each stage in Erikson's theory is concerned with becoming competent in an area of life. During these times, the potential for personal growth is high but so is the potential for failure. The development of competence in favorable and unfavorable environments: Lessons from research on successful children.

Aside from strengthening relationships in families, it is also critical to strengthen networks in communities; this can help sustain gains derived from external interventions. Despair The final psychosocial stage occurs during old age and is focused on reflecting back on life. Caspi A, Sugden K, Moffitt TE, Taylor A, Craig IW, Harrington H, McClay J, Mill J, Martin J, Braithwaite A, Poulton. Of course, no child is going to develop a sense of 100 percent trust or 100 percent doubt. Potty training plays an important role in helping children develop this sense of autonomy. In conclusion, resilience is a phenomenon representing positive adaptation despite risk. To illustrate, among children who had experienced maltreatment, the likelihood of developing depression later in life was lower in the presence of a genotype conferring the efficient transport of serotonin.12. If our ultimate goal is to maximize young childrens well-being, therefore, we must give high priority to attending to their mothers mental health and parenting needs.

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