The Rejection on Homosexual Marriage

the Rejection on Homosexual Marriage

all legal measures which treat them as criminals or, in any case, discriminate against them: they are also asking perhaps lately this is their primary concern - to have access even. The refusal was contested in court, but the challenge was rejected by the Tribunal of Rome (the decision of was published. Leviticus 18:22, 20:13 ). But here again we cannot escape the difference of the sexes as a characteristic of the institution. This request must be considered anything but unrealistic, given that in February 1994 it was supported by a famous resolution of the European Parliament; it also received legal approval in Denmark and Norway, respectively in 19, linking the typical effects of marriage with a form. Moreover the accusation of homosexual organizations is that this preclusion sanctions unjust discrimination: solely because of his sexual tendencies is the individual denied access to numerous benefits (inheritance rights, family subsidies, alimony rights in the case of separation, etc.) which the marriage relationship entails. While such efforts - in an increasingly uninhibited society - are multiplying, the organizations created to support gays' demands are more and, more aggressive.

Therefore, if none of the former group is prevented from marrying, they say, it is incredible that homosexual couples are forbidden to marry only because their unions are necessarily infertile. As a matter of fact there is agreement that it cannot be confused with the mere material fact of "cohabitation". The registrar obviously refused, pointing out that one of the essential conditions for celebrating marriage was missing. The Weekly Edition in English is published for the US by: The Cathedral Foundation L'Osservatore Romano English Edition.O. Although the sexual aspect is essential to the structure of this institution, it must necessarily be completed by a spiritual element which can in no way be reduced to exclusively "physical" aspects. The reference to "nature" particularly disturbs homosexuals, who complain of the accusation that their relations are contrary to nature. Unfortunately, when challenged to defend the biblical view of marriage, too many Christians have little more to offer than "because the Bible tells." Join Lenny and our special guest, Greg Koukl for part 2 of this talk where we offer thoughtful arguments from. Foro ital., 1982, I, col. Thus a "couple" in the true sense cannot exist with an overlay or duplication of these, characteristics, but only with their "union" which can thus be authentically achieved only in the relationship of man and woman.

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