The History of Anklets

the History of Anklets

while less expensive ones like silver and iron more common among lower social classes. In the 1950s bobby sockers wore the jewelry to enhance their white socks. Acquiring an anklet is a piece of cake, in fact, but wearing it is no picnic, really. But some of the most inquisitive fashionistas among you might be extremely interested in the right or left anklet-wearing etiquette. In the early twentieth century, anklets were commonly worn by Egyptian women of inner cities.

Anklets with Charms : These versions have become popular recently especially when Pandora charms started their frantic invasion. During the after-party of the Golden Globe Awards, in Beverly Hills, the audacious Jennifer Lopez appeared decked into an all-white cutout dress with a sky-high side slit all baring her leg, while those matching white pointed-toe pumps looked twofold elegant with a diamond thin anklet.

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There was also another usage of ankle bracelets in the Middle East and South East Asia. Golden anklets commonly happen designed as a single thin chain or a two-layered one. The poorer people in Egypt also wore ankle bracelets, but these were inexpensive and may even been used to display amulets or lucky talismans. Anklet, in jewelry, bracelet worn around the ankle. The latest runway shows brought forth a series of anklet designs and a couple of versions on how to style them best. Silver is a popular medium for Indian anklet bracelets. 1, barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn for centuries by girls and women. Convicted criminals may wear ankle monitors as electronic tagging devices while being confined to a specific venue. Occasionally, anklets on both ankles are joined by a chain to limit the step. Southeast Asia, where the effect was to give a "feminine" short tripping step.

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