Is Abortion the Right Choice?

is Abortion the Right Choice?

offer information about pregnancy options and abortion. Decisions about your pregnancy are deeply personal. At this point, there are no absolute answers - science and law cannot tell us when life begins. Nor do they see the genuine regret these women feel because having a baby is not possible.For other women, the choice to have an abortion is more clear. These women sometimes express guilt for not telling, but it strikes me as smart. If women are not allowed to abort an unwanted foetus they are deprived of this right. Its not a good time in their life to have a baby. Some of the many different reasons people decide to end a pregnancy include: They want to be the best parent possible to the kids they already have.

Yes No Youre the best! It looks like desperate women who must sell precious and needed belongings, borrow and beg from friends and family to finance their journeys and procedure costs. But at the end of the day, only you know whats right for you. It is up to each woman to decide for herself what she believes in, how she will live out those beliefs, and who she will involve in her decision. And people who arent already parents when they get an abortion often go on to have a baby later, when they feel they are in a better position to be a good parent.

Thanks for your feedback. We all take risks in our lives, everyday. The decision is 100 yours. The important US Supreme Court decision. Deciding to have an abortion doesnt mean you dont want or love children. Sometimes, the decision is simple. At the end of her first year of working. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. My experience with this has been very positive - the women's mental image is almost always scarier and more disturbing than reality. It looks like frightened women who must travel alone to have their abortions among strangers and away from loved ones who support and nurture them. Everyone has their own unique and valid reasons for having an abortion. The issue brings many ideas about human rights into brutally sharp focus.

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