Analyation of Candy in Of Mice and Men

analyation of Candy in Of Mice and Men

other characters in the book shared the same interests and/or dreams as Candy did were Lennie and George. Theyll can me purty soon. He therefore latches onto George and Lennie's plan to buy a farm, and offers his life savings to help them. He offers everything that he had to support the friendship including money, but money will never buy genuine friendship. Had him since he was a pup" (3.56). Symbolism and foreshadowing are also used widely throughout the novel. Carlson even offers to give him a new dog to replace the one that he is about to kill.

Part 3"s "Carl's right, Candy. Worthless and alone, Candy now felt he didnt have a single important thing. Both Lennie and Curly loose their best friends and their dreams.

The owner of an old and feeble dog, Candy is himself crippledhe lost his hand in an accident on the ranch. Because of Candy, the dream almost becomes real. Candy thinks that no one wants to be friends with him because of his disability. Candy realizes that his fate is to be put on the roadside as soon as he's no longer useful; his ranch boss won't treat him any differently than his dog. " Of Mice and Men Characters: Candy." LitCharts LLC, July 22, 2013. Candy, in many ways symbolizes his dog.

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