Hector: The Trojan Hero

hector: The Trojan Hero

peace as well as devotion toward his family, but here shows himself as a warrior dedicated to his country and his people, I would die of shame to face the men of Troy and the Trojan women tailing their. No longer confident of victory and certain that he would soon die, Hector bid a sad farewell to his wife and son. He was acquitted of responsibility but found guilty of negligence because he did not return his dead body or his arms. And at Troy, Patroclus was killed by Hector, the greatest warrior on the Trojan side. Hearing of his friend's death, Achilles reentered the battle and aimed his fury at Hector. The, trojan War was the 10-year long conflict between the city of Troy and the armies of Greece, led by King Agememnon of Myceanae. Desperate, the priest then prayed to Apollo, who began to rain down arrows of plague into the Greek camp. These characteristics make Hector an epic hero and an extremely important figure in history. His ship was wrecked by a storm sent by Athena, who borrowed one of Zeus' thunderbolts and tore it to pieces. Either Helen or Paris himself went to Paris' first lover, a mountain nymph named Oenone, and begged her for a cure to the poison that was killing Paris. Just as he was about to deliver the fatal blow and slay the Trojan prince, Apollo stunned Patroclus and stripped him of his armor, allowing Hector to run him through with his spear.

Philoktetes (due to a sedition) was driven from his city and emigrated to Italy where he founded the cities of Petilia, Old Crimissa, and Chone, between Croton and Thurii. The story of the war is told in a series of poems known as the "Epic Cycle the most famous of these being the. Achilles is perhaps most famous for being imperfectly invulnerable, a detail of his exciting and mythical life known as the. With Hectors refusal to Helens seductive advances he shows himself as one dedicated to the task in front of himthe task of defending Troy and its people from falling to the Achaean armies. The Trojan princess Cassandra, Hector and Paris' sister, was raped by Ajax the Lesser, while taking refuge in Athena's temple; she was then taken by Agamemnon as a war prize, in consolation for his loss of Briseis. Jason as one of the Argonaunts. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. King Priam was killed by Achilles' son, Neoptolemos, on Zeus' altar, and Hektor and Andromecha's infant son, Astyanax, was thrown from the top of the city's walls.

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But as soon as one would believe he loves his country more than his family, he continues saying to his wife, Andromache, t is less the pain of the Trojans still to come in all their numbers, all their gallant courage, may tumble in the. Getting Achilles Back to Troy, other Greek leaders argued with Agamemnon, saying Achilles was too powerful a warrior to be left out of the battle. Patroclus would've certainly killed Hector in their encounter were it not for the intervention of Apollo, who favored the Trojans. It was only by the efforts of Apollo and Aphrodite that Hector's body is preserved from harm. Teuker (son of Telamon and half-brother of Ajax) stood trial by his father for his half-brother's death. We will write a custom essay sample. Then he accidentally landed in Attica at Phalerum.

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