The prince and the pauper

the prince and the pauper

the Princess and the Pauper, with Barbie playing both the blonde Princess Anneliese and the brunette pauper, Erika. The original cast included Dennis Michael Hall as Prince Edward, Gerard Canonico as the Pauper Tom Canty, Rob Evan as Miles Hendon, Wayne Schroder as Hugh Hendon, Rita Harvey as Lady Edith, Michael McCormick as John Canty, Robert Anthony Jones as the Hermit/Dresser, Sally Wilfert. The other boy, Prince Edward of Wales, is obviously rich. The story develops into a composite of The Prince and the Pauper and the 1961 Disney film The Parent Trap. They are both considered mad at first, Edward for claiming that he is the Prince of Wales, although he is dressed in rags, and Tom for claiming that he is not the Prince of Wales. So now Miles goes on a mission to find the boy. The next day, Tom meets some people scheduled to be killed and pardons all of them from their ridiculous sentences.

Prince Edward sees this and orders the soldier to let the boy enter. The prince takes advantage of all the distracted hurry to get out of John Canty's clutches and find out how to get back to the palace. Being a smart kid, Edward does make it back to the palace, but no one believes that he is the real prince. Tom Canty and Miles Hendon remain at the Court as favorites of the king.

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The Prince of Tide
The Role of a Prince

After a long and involved dressing ceremony, Tom gets down to the boring legal matters of being king. Plot, in a preface, Twain says that the story that he is writing was passed stoicism and empicureanism down from father to son for three hundred years. So this hermit wants to kill Edward, but he's thwarted by Miles Hendon. He has an abusive father and grandmother, a kind mother and sisters, and a pretty sad life. So no one tries to assault him while he's locked. The houses were of wood, with the second story projecting over the first, and the third sticking its elbows out beyond the second. The windows were small, glazed with little diamond-shaped panes, and they opened outward, on hinges, like doors.

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