Last Words of Station Chief Kurtz

last Words of Station Chief Kurtz

what "had driven him out to the edge of the e throb of drums, the drone of weird incantations;.beguiled his unlawful yond the bounds. Marlow goes to see Kurtz's Intended-whether out of "unconscious loyalty" or "ironic necessity he's not sure (1417). What is the "deficiency" that Marlow perceives in Kurtz-the lack of "restraint" that left Kurtz vulnerable to "the wilderness which had found him out early, and had taken on him a terrible vengeance for the fantastic invasion" (1406)? Marlow's eyes roll involuntarily at the word "rebel.".

last Words of Station Chief Kurtz

Kurtz dies on the boat with the last words, The horror! In the Congo Free State, was the principal inspiration for the Kurtz character, citing references as the heads on the stakes outside of the station and other similarities. To Marlow, these skulls show that Kurtz lacked restraint, a fault that Marlow seems. In fact, he s grotesquely thin and ghostly, like Death personified.

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And why does Marlow later lie to the Intended (p. Reconsider also Marlow's allusion to a redeeming "idea" (1370) in relation to the Intended's "mature capacity for fidelity, for belief, for suffering" (1418 "the faith that was in her,.that great and saving illusion" before which Marlow bows his head (1419)-and which Marlow preserves by telling. Back next read THE book : Chapter 3 Cite This Page. They are stranded between cultures, and the narrator wonders about himself and Mustafa, "He had said that he was a lie, so hildgard of Bingen was I also a lie?" (page 41). What do the "heads on the stakes" reveal (1406)? What "method" and of doing what, does the manager have in mind? The Intended) is ignorant.

The darkness lies in the souls of people like Kurtz who carry on the exploitative ivory trade in the Congo, and the novella illustrates the problems with European colonialism. In his dying moments, Marlow sees Kurtz's face change into a mask of despair. Why do you think he goes? Now, it could be that Marlow hasn't seen a woman in several months, but he describes her as wild and gorgeous, a warrior woman, with brass trappings to boot.

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