Safe Schools, Safe Students

safe Schools, Safe Students

business community is a natural partner for short da vinci bio local schools. Businesses can provide company or staff services, such as bookkeeping, transportation, building repairs, maintenance and professional instruction on computers or other equipment. Develop a policy, form or box for suggestions to improve campus climate. Public opinion polls suggest that the more citizens are involved in schools, the more likely people are to have a favorable opinion of schools. Take the time to circulate among school employees, asking for advice based on their firsthand experiences. Recruit group members with special qualifications, such as policy-making authority, access to the media, ability to mobilize volunteers or expertise in raising funds. Individuals should be able to articulate the desires of the groups they represent and relate advisory group actions back to their peers. Briefly explain the important issues and the specific roles individuals and groups can play in developing schools that are safe havens for learning. Incorporate safety topics into the curriculum.

Help integrate students and senior citizens by arranging for students to visit senior centers, convalescent centers or retirement homes. Assist this representative group in modeling and encouraging school safety activities among their peers. Issue "Golden Apple Cards" to senior volunteers who work on school projects. Arrange regular presentations by business leaders to students, teachers clone or not to clone and parents. Coordinate student and staff "ride-along" programs. Advertise the availability of this conscientious, willing work force to local businesses. Parents and children need to be made aware of the serious consequences for criminal actions. Invite local law enforcers to make presentations to students on child safety, drug abuse prevention, and juvenile justice practices and policies. Solicit free or discounted copies of daily newspapers. Take a positive approach. Develop a marketing strategy that provides discounts to students and parents and that simultaneously promotes local businesses' products or services.

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Changes to benefit students, Do We Actually Feel Safer After September 11th?,

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