Title IX and its effect on mens swimming

title IX and its effect on mens swimming

can offer. Delaware officials declined to comment. And the overall cost would be approximately nothing - because, at any school, one scholarship is worth the same amount, no matter who receives. "Discrimination" is the only acceptable explanation when men out-participate or out-perform women, while women's triumphs ironically are ignored. Allison Kasic, an advocate for reform of Title IX who is a senior fellow at the Independent Womens Forum, a right-of-center research and education institution. Recreational sports leagues open to all comers remain overwhelmingly male.

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A blogger named Eric McErlain echoed those voices in an opinion piece he wrote for The Daily Caller, a website focused mainly on breaking news and political commentary. The ncaa admits that, for some time now, its scholarship rules have been geared toward generating money. We havent gotten a chance to sit down and talk with them about this. And because the ncaa arbitrarily assigned scholarship limits for each sport, how To Watch Your Brother Die in an attempt to make the numbers for women approximately equal to those for men, Vandy can't offer extra scholarships to softball players, either. It's the 35th anniversary of Title IX, and activists are gathering to celebrate the anti-discrimination law with a three-day femi-palooza of seminars and dinners. But the fact is, Alabama used an average of 59 players per game last season on the way to winning the BCS crown, even though the average Division I football team kept 111 players, including walk-ons, in 2009-10. Were not fighting Title IX at all; were just fighting the misuse of it, Wall said. Title IX was sold as a way to ensure everyone has the opportunity to live up to his or her potential, not as a means to decimate male athletics. Why must a university offer fewer scholarships to softball players than equestrians? But how does the ncaa allocate scholarships across sports? "This move was predicated on the ability of those sports at that time to generate revenue for the institutions as compared to the other sports the institutions fielded." That's as much as the ncaa would explain, though, about anything related to its scholarship policies. But today's scholarship limits bear no recognizable relationship to female athletes' need for financial aid.

It s the 35th anniversary of Title IX, and activists are gathe ring.
College Sports Council reveals the law s disturbing impact on male athletics.
Although Title IX has typically been invoked to protect the rights of women, cases alleging discrimination against men are not unheard of, said.
Betsy DeVos wants to revamp current Title IX regulation.

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