Stress In Every Day Life

stress In Every Day Life

illness as are the hassles. This is known as the hassles scale. Discuss how personality factors influence the experience and effects of stress (including type A and type B personality and hardiness) Evaluate Type A and Type B behaviour and hardy personality research. Be able to compare and contrast life changes and daily hassles as sources of stress. Consider the validity of such scales by discussing the lack of consideration of individual differences. Lower incidence of CHD. O Rahe et als study and two criticisms. I make sure that I am maybe 5 or 10 minutes early to a meeting. It was found that, during the initial transition from school to university, 41 of students had depressive symptoms and that hassles score correlated positively withthese. It seems, however, that dailyuplifts are not closely linked to illness as are the hassles.

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This is known as thehassles scale. She described them as having a hardy personality, and claimed that this consists of three key factors that help keep stress at a minimum: Control internal locus of control. Daily Hassles and illness (Delongis). For this reason, the scale was further developed to take into account uplifts. Evaluation of life changes as a source of stress with Delongis et als daily hassles. O Type B: More relaxed Positive outlook on life, Lower stress levels. However this is not experimental evidence so it cannot be said that life changes cause illness. Then, over the following six month tour of duty, detailed records of each sailors health was kept.

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