Daoism vs. Globalization

daoism vs. Globalization

also commonly referred to as Pinyini in the modern times. You have probably seen, or the DVD Audio Format heard of, the symbol yin and yang. This article attempts to find out if there is any difference between these two words or do they refer to the same ancient Chinese religion or practice. He believed a persons conduct should be governed by instinct and conscience. (McKenzie 1986:39) Confucius gentleman had to possess these fine qualities in order to achieve success. Scholars continue to study his teachings and find out more about this mysterious individual. This Romanization is based upon the Wade-Giles system.

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(Wakeman 1975:196) Both beliefs also agree that individuals should foster compassion, humility and moderation for a successful society. Taoism is Romanization of a Chinese word for the ancient religion and philosophy. It was called the Romanization system. Unlike the other philosophies, Legalism put the emphasis on the rule rather than the ruler. (Lower and Rajendra 1985:93) Even to the day, their influence can be espied in the many matters of China. (Henricks 1989:82) Since the Indian Removal there were wide margins for different interpretations, there was much room for corruption; thus the Legalists adhered to a strict, written code of law which was made public. Their identity can be called a mystery. Rulers searched the past for previous practices and rituals and acted with no specific patterns. The Daode Jing teaches that the dao is realized through recognition and acceptance of nothingness. Daoism the philosophy centers around the concept of living in the moment.

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