The Destruction Ozone Layer

the Destruction Ozone Layer

the ozone layer destruction, the increase in global temperatures accelerate the melting of glaciers and ice caps and cause early snowmelt in rivers and lakes. Theydecompose and keep on depleting ozone. They show us large thinning of our ozone layer occurred prior tothe creation of CFC's in September of 1859 and in July 1892. Natural causes of depletion of ozone layer: Ozone layer has been found to be affected by certain natural phenomena such as Sun-spots and stratospheric winds. Below is a link that talks about CFC chemistry, about halfway downthe page. Ozone is an extraordinary kind of oxygen composed of 3 oxygen atoms instead of the normal 2 oxygen atoms. A substantially smaller hole (nasa calls this the dimplebecause it is so small) is also known to occur over the world'ssecond cleanest area, the Arctic. When spring arrives critical Analysis of The Road Not Taken and UV light appears again, crystals ofice and nitric acid in these clouds help to release the chlorineand bromine atoms from the halocarbon gases. Contents, ozone Destruction Mechanism, substances such as CFCs, and others that are cited, that lower the ozone layer do not directly destroy ozone. As long as we have sunlight and oxygen in our atmosphere, we will also have ozone.

Ozone Depletion: The Light Shines Through,

Their ability to harm the ozone layer is very high because they contain Br which is a much more effective atom destroying ozone than the. These radicalscan be recycled after use so that one molecule of contaminant(chlorine) is responsible for the destruction of several thousandmolecules of ozone. When the sun arrives at theend of winter, that is the trigger to begin. Ozone Layer, in, ozone depletion is the process where ozone holes are created in the ozone layer. One chlorine atom can break more than 1, 00,000 molecules of ozone. These are high frequency rays and can causeproblems like skin cancer and eye cataract.

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