Hydrotherapy Pool

hydrotherapy Pool

the country which offers families a purpose built residential unit, access to outstanding education provision and a state of the art hydrotherapy pool. The pool has a hoist for helping disabled users to enter and leave the pool. I hope many children can benefit from using the pool. The Hydrotherapy Pool area (three changing rooms, toilet, and poolside showers, the main swimming pool facilities with showers toilets, and the disabled changing area with shower and toilet.

If you go for a run you have a warm bath to relieve your aches that feeling is constant for children like Jensen so it is paramount they have access to hydrotherapy. Tims wife Gina, daughter Sasha and son Jensen, a pupil at the school, were joined by Sunderland 1953 FA Cup winner Jimmy Montgomery and Paralympic swimming champion Josef Craig to officially open the Percy Hedley Hydrotherapy Pool. It has access to three changing areas,.e. The hydrotherapy pool will also be used to develop water sports and will be a national centre for Halliwick Swimming, a method of teaching disabled children to swim. An Aquasure UK, hydrotherapy pool can be designed to include a wide range of sensory equipment including, underwater sound, under water lighting, water features, resistance training jets and bespoke hydrotherapy massing seating and plinths. It will make such a difference to so many people. Aquasure design and build bespoke hydrotherapy pools. Aquasure UK use top of the range, energy efficient plant room equipment to ensure running your hydrotherapy pool is cost effective.

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