Case of Drummond in Inherit The Wind

case of Drummond in Inherit The Wind

Scene One edit The play begins with local high school student Howard Blair looking for worms in front of the Hillsboro emerson and Transcendentalism courthouse. The Scopes Trial, upon hearing of the Butler Law, which prohibited the teaching of evolutionary theory in Tennessee's public schools, the American Civil Liberties Union (aclu) in New York, a union that defends constitutional freedoms, sought to test the constitutionality of the law. Throughout the years, as each one fought cases, established a name for themselves, and gained popularity (or notoriety they kept a careful watch on the other. "The Scopes Trial. Before the trial begins, the Mayor speaks privately with the Judge in front of the bench. Thus, when the time finally arrived, when the two ingenious legal warriors who had trained together met at last for that one final battle to the death, they entered Hillsboro planning to put every single legal idea and tactic they had used and believed. On Monday, when the trial resumed, Darrow switched his tactics.

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Case of Drummond in Inherit The Wind
case of Drummond in Inherit The Wind

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William Jennings Bryan, while that of Henry Drummond is intended to be similar to that. He knew that such a test case would attract national attention, resulting in economic opportunities for the somewhat depressed Rhea County/Dayton area. Hornbeck then announces that the defense attorney will be Henry Drummond, one of Brady's old friends and a well-known lawyer. Drummond supports the evolution theory, while Brady, the creation theory. Rappleyea spoke to other community leaders about the aclu offer, and they agreed that a trial generating national attention would benefit the economy of Rhea County. 3, contents, background edit, the Economy in Colonial America inherit the Wind is a fictionalized account of the 1925. Cates asks Drummond if he won or lost, and Drummond says he won by bringing national attention to a bad law. Hornbeck is modeled on that. By requesting the guilty verdict, he also avoided being cross-examined by Bryan and closing arguments. Inherit the Wind was first published and produced in 1955, when blacklisting and, sometimes, imprisonment of Americans suspected of being members of the Communist party were at their height. Henry Drummond, another nationally known attorney who was once Brady's closest friend and political confidant. Bryan won the trial, but Darrow and Scopes won a moral victory.

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