The Failure of Southern Civil War Reconstruction

the Failure of Southern Civil War Reconstruction

War History (1961) 7#1. By the 1880s, however, Northern historians argued that Johnson and his allies were not traitors but had blundered badly in rejecting the 14th Amendment and setting the stage for Radical Reconstruction. Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President. New York: Anchor Books, a division of Random House, Inc. Some wanted high tariffs socialist undertones foind in Upton Sinclairs and some low.

American, civil War ; Clockwise from top: Battle of, gettysburg, Union Captain John Tidball s artillery, Confederate prisoners, ironclad USS Atlanta, ruins.
Richmond, Virginia, Battle of, franklin.
The failure of Reconstruction was a tragedy, but it s also possible to say that it might have turned out a good deal worse than it did.
The Reconstruction era was the period from 1863 to 1877 in American history.

There were complaints among taxpayers because taxes had historically been low, as the planter elite was not committed to public infrastructure or public education. Men worked as rail workers, rolling and lumber mills workers, and hotel workers. 191 Lynch reported that poor whites resented the job competition from freedmen. Grant sent federal troops to nine South Carolina counties to suppress Klan violence in 1871. The planters had not invested in infrastructure and much had been destroyed daisy Miller - Turn of the Screw during the war. Presents a broad collection of primary sources; vol. US Senate Journal January 13, 1875,. .

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