Wieland - The Struggle Between Faith and Science

wieland - The Struggle Between Faith and Science

to be considerable agreement that our cultural world has been somehow disoriented and decentralized, spiritually and intellectually disoriented and disorganized, so that no over-arching principle has been left which can keep the shifting elements together. For the first time the voice of the whole Church was heard. This claim implied a conviction that basically "the secular" itself was, in a certain sense, "sacred." In a Christian society nothing can be simply "secular." It may be argued that this claim was often insincere, no more than a disguise for worldly motives and concerns. In the East, it survived for centuries. The case is very complex. But at the root of them all is often a nagging feeling that God must not really exist if He is so hard to understand. True vision is available only to those who have no selfish concerns.

wieland - The Struggle Between Faith and Science

Unfortunately, these conflicts create tremendous struggle between faith and science for.
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The relationship between culture and faith is intimate and difficult to describe.
But understanding that relationship is the first step towards building bridges between culture and faith traditions.

Wieland The Struggle Between Faith and Science
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Each local community, or Church, was in a sense self-sufficient and independent. Ambrose put it, God did not choose to save His people by clever arguments. In this conviction all historical tasks have been undertaken. The social problem was treated always as an ethical problem; but ethics was founded in dogma, in the dogma of Incarnation and Redemption through the Cross. To the Patriarch alone is given the authority to interpret the rules of the Fathers, and to rule about their lawful application.

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