What college means to me

what college means to me

sorta) and along the way I formed relationships and connections with people (such as Cat, Kemia, Muchee, Chompoo) that I would not have if I had not taken the initiative. But I had to live it first. Fresh and varied produce, clean water, fast internet, paved roads, efficient retail service, and overall reverence for business and innovation. I was seen as the young one and the one lacking in athleticism. After a year break from college and a transfer from one school to another because of a job change and my divorce, I entered Holy Family College (now University) to obtain my Bachelors of Arts degree in psychology. On the third day of cap and gown practice I finally learned I had passed an exam in a class that would determine my graduation or not. Its one of the most crucial experiences that has impacted my growth.

As much as I thought Id like driving a truck, I didnt. However I say she did not simply maintain it burning, she collected the firewood in actual fact, she made the fireplace even hotter.

I had no mentor. In the Philippines where the divide of the rich and poor are so obvious, being in the latter restricts your lifes outcomes. I went part-time, and eventually got a certificate in drug and alcohol abuse counseling.

This allowed me to become an addiction counselor, and I moved from being a life skills counselor to an outpatient addiction counselor at another facility. IT took ME five years to understand July 4th. Now maybe that is enough to explain why I love what I do so much. Forty hours a week for 11,000 dollars a year. I often hike for hours j ust by myself. That they had been left behind for too lengthy. Because sitting around with the other staff didnt appeal to me (they were all much older and, dare I say, lazy, bitter, and resentful) I spent a lot of time with the youth.

what college means to me

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