To Drill Or Not Drill

to Drill Or Not Drill

does the future hold for Lofoten, Vesterlen and Senja? We have already found more fossil fuels than we can burn without totally destroying the climate and our environment. Thats why we need unconventional gas as well. Future generations should be allowed to enjoy this beautiful state that is home to 800 species of mammals. A recent study by Oxfam suggests, for example, that when implemented effectively high-level, independent expert panels can be one helpful way of identifying risks and opportunities around oil and mining projects and bringing new information into the public realm.

to Drill Or Not Drill

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To drill or not to drill?
Shale gas has sparked debate in many member states alongside concerns over safety, public health and environmental damage.
To, drill or Not To Drill MAG.

Alaskan Oil Drilling

EU Recommendation (January 2014) Environmental Aspects on Unconventional Fossil Fuels. Governments facing oil and mining development decisions are forced to weigh their desire to promote energy security against the need to protect local water sources and other natural resources critical to the lives and livelihoods of the communities that will be impacted by these projects. It would interfere with millions of migratory birds that feed on its tundra plains. Last summer, I went to the most spectacular place and came to care deeply about its wildlife. As a result, oil companies would have to take extra precautions to ensure safety, which would require millions of dollars. Fpic also requires that communities receive adequate and timely information about the potential social and environmental impacts of these projects. Even though there are between.25 and 16 billion barrels of oil in all of anwr (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge it would take even more time, money and resources to extract. A social license to operate is needed. It appears local opposition is having at least some impact, as last week project operator TransCanada agreed to reroute the pipeline to avoid the Sandhills.

to Drill Or Not Drill

By Jesse., Ardsley,.
How would you like to see the most beautiful place in America destroyed just for a bit of oil?

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