a billion. Most of my friends, coworkers, and acquaintances conform in some ways not in others. And the chocolate I'm eating now tastes good, which is why I'm eating. Coming at it from another angle, if we were immortal, why would we want to go to school or conform to society? So I choose to do stuff now that optimizes my happiness now-and which I hope will continue to optimize it tomorrow, the next day, and for the rest of the time I have left. On Bandcamp Radio, bringing big international sounds together are guests Mildlife and Peacemaker Global Quartet. If I knew I was going to live another five-thousand years, it would still taste good. It will hurt if I only have five minutes left to live; it will hurt if I'm going to live forever.

TO, conform, iS, tO, dIE essays If we're all going to die, why go to school and conform to society?

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Controversy of the Atkins Diet, How To Watch Your Brother Die, To Live By The Sword Is To Die By The Sword, Carpe Diem: A Snowboarding,

I could say, "Well, I'm eventually going to die, so I might as well the Movie Fried Green Tomatoes throw all my garbage out the window and never flush the toilet." And then, an hour after making that decision, I'd still be alive and living with the consequences. John Ligovich, massive step up in songwriting prowess over the already fantastic. Meanwhile, I'm going to have another piece of chocolate. Government officials may refuse to provide services to those considered not to conform. Holy Roar Records Deals In All Manner Of Heavy. All this I cannot bear, to witness any longer, cannot the kingdom of salvation. Perth, if you like Conform, you may also like: Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. They proved me wrong with this album.

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