American and Pakistani Constitution Compared

american and Pakistani Constitution Compared

provisions and treaties entered into by the president and approved by the Senate, stands above all other laws, executive acts, and regulations. And after the Revolution had begun between January 1, 1776, and April 20, of the 13 states had adopted their own constitutions. Rules of procedure, etc. Early in the history of the republic, in the 1803 case of Marbury. Music and dances are distinctly unique. Participation of people in Armed Forces. A strong and dynamic leadership at the helm of powers as the executive and acting with unlimited powers may lead to arbitrariness. Most Pakistanis can understand English and watch American/Brit movies but that does not make them British/American, same is the case with Hindi. Second, it establishes a basic structure of government.

India is geographically unique, with Ganges river and its tributaries as its water supply in the north, and other river systems in the rest of the country. Definition of the State.

The American Democracy
American culture

There is barely any Hindu architectural influence in Pakistan (Gandhara is Graeco- Buddhist and Harappan is distinct but significant influences by the ancestors of Pakistanis can be found in India. A draft document emerged in 1787, but only after intense debate and six years of experience with an earlier federal union. The judicial decisions upon the various articles of the constitution forms the very basis of constitutional law. This is unlike unwritten constitutions. They delegate the day-to-day business of government to public officials, both elected and appointed. A draft is an early effort at writing a document. This conflicts with the constitutional statement "All men are created equal". Oath of Armed Forces. Within the limits of the Constitution, each state must recognize and respect the laws of the others. In that period, the first 10 amendments, known collectively as the Bill of Rights, were added. Union is based only the agreement. While framing the Indian constitution, its drafting committee headed by bedkar, had borrowed the Date of Rape Controversies many salient features from various constitutions in the world including US but adopted them in the Indian context.

It could theoretically declare war and raise an army, but it could not force any state to meet its assigned" for troops or for the arms and equipment needed to support them. Specific laws that implement and instantiate constitutional guidelines should be left for regular legislation, not captured in constitutions.

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