A Paradigm Shift in the End

a Paradigm Shift in the End

upgrading to a degree. The reason is obvious, I suppose: Utilities live and die by the regulatory compact and all three of these growth drivers and areas for potential returns on investment are fraught with regulatory uncertainty. If the world of tech only brought upgrades, would we want that? Its been happening for over one hundred years, though in fits and starts. This time next year I will probably be writing this on whatever the new MacBook Pro might. Its a mess and a ball of hurt, but it makes an industry. For professionals, Paradigm Shifts most often come with emotional responses. I am the chief technology officer and executive producer a creative technologist if you will for a prominent multinational media studio. Use whatever buzzy phrases you likesmart grid, transactional grid, grid-edge technologies, distributed energy resources (DER resilient grid, microgrids, customer-centric grid, demand side management, flexible energy resources, variable energy resourcesthey all add up to something far less predictable in real time than the big iron centralized. I expect there to be new stuff, we all. This is happening just as we finally begin the move in full to the new Final Cut.

In professional environments where we rely on the feature sets of the tools we use to create a logical chain between them or Workflow, Paradigm Shifts are great change agents, and not a call to immediate action necessarily. Those were the Desktop or Pro-Sumer video days. This cat and mouse game will never end. LCDs can be had for nothing these days.

First though I am operating under the following definitions: Upgrading is the process of replacing a product with a newer version of the same product and a Paradigm Shift can be loosely defined as a change from one way of thinking to another. These various factions do not communicate or collaborate, they do not share an inspired vision/mission, and many are completely unaware of the challenges facing educators today. . Some consumers have huge expectations that the yearly announcements from top tech companies will always bring a Paradigm Shift. Lets be honest here, upgrades and paradigm Shifts require the work of tech professionals and integrators to pave the way. Instructional Coaches, teachers, university Professors of Teacher Education, parents Supporting Change in Education. Weekly live, online video focus sessions.

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