Auto Racing at Delaware Speedway

auto Racing at Delaware Speedway

Brekelmans was able to hold off a charging Matt Langford 03) for the victory as Derek Moesker, Jordan Morris 73 and Jordan Willms rounded out the top five. Derek Moesker took the lead on the restart before a hard crash in turn four on lap 12 for Kassy Haward 59) as she made heavy contact with the pit road end tire. As five to go approached, battles developed behind Brekelmans with Craig Cole and Derek Moesker chasing him down.

Brekelmans would take the lead to lap four as Willms battled with Derek Moesker 51) behind. Advance tickets are available.

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Auto and Speed Big Block Modifieds. Delaware, ON After a few straight weeks of Delaware Speedway battling the weather, and ultimately coming out undefeated, the skies were blue and the air was warm to kick-off Augusts racing action at the half-mile. Auto Speed Big Block Modifieds;.R.

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