Info on Bradstreets Sermon

info on Bradstreets Sermon

dammed and Gods hands; black clouds and Gods Wrath; finally when he compared, flames and divine wrath. And finally to the children, who are unconverted?do not you know that you are going down to hell, to bear the dreadful wrath of God, who is angry? He was trying to tell his audience that they are wicked and without Gods just hand in their lives they would fall into the pit of Hell. In his sermon?Sinners in the hands of an Angry God? Throughout the sermon Edwards adds many examples of figurative speech to increase the intensity of his message, like when he referred to a spider? An example is when he said?Your wickedness makes you as it were as heavy as lead, and to tend downward with great weight and pressure towards Hell;?have no more influence to uphold you than a spider? Also when he says?The bow of God? He also refers to Gods wrath and vengeance:?The wrath of God is like Great Waters that are dammed for the present? S web would stop a falling rock? John Edwards was a very abstract speaker, he was not afraid to offend and condemn his fellow Christians. This sermon was a very stern sermon, which was meant for everyone, John Edwards used many different types of writing languages to describe his message.

S wrath is bent, and the arrow made ready on the string, and justice bends the arrow at your heart? Info On Bradstreets Sermon Essay, Research Paper. In this essay about John Edwards, I will show his styles of writing, and his attitudes towards God, himself, and his audience. To the young men and woman?Will you neglect this precious season which you enjoy now, when so many restorative Justice: Victim Offender Mediation others your age are renouncing all vanities, and flocking to Christ? Such as referring to?There is nothing that keeps wicked men at any one moment out of hell, but the mere pleasure of God? He demonstrates many forms of figurative speech.

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