Film review - run lola run

film review - run lola run

Lola has 20 min to raise this amount and meet Manni. The message is that the smallest events can have enormous consequences. Tykwer also adds segments titled "Now and Then in which he singles out minor characters on the screen and uses just a few startling flash-frames to foresee their entire lifelines. And the Upstairs Bedroom (2009) See more » Soundtracks Running Three Vocals by Franka Potente / Susie van der Meer Music by Tom Tykwer (as Tykwer) / Johnny Klimek (as Klimek) / Reinhold Heil (as Heil) Lyrics by Tom Tykwer Performed by Tom Tykwer (as. (She is thus able to sprint for 20 minutes, evidently without getting a stitch or breaking a sweat, a super Olympic achievement remarkable considering Ms Potente's physique, which is not - how shall I say? Lola's desperate plan: Find the money somehow, somewhere, in 20 minutes. She has just 20 minutes to find 100,000 marks and save her boyfriend from a revenge slaying at the hands of a nasty drug-dealer he's been working for.

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Trivia As well as writing and directing the film, Tom Tykwer also composed the techno music which features star Franka Potente on vocals. Probably the most mysterious species on our planet.

Movies about characters on the run usually involve a linear story. And always the same answer? And the story of Lola's 20-minute run is told three times, each time with small differences that affect the outcome and the fate of the characters. Tykwer's direction shows his habitual delirious fluency and his trademark tic of the camera looping in a 360 circle around his subject at key moments. He lost 100,000 DM in a subway train that belongs to a very bad guy. Genres: Crime, drama, sci-Fi, thriller, certificate: 16, see all certifications parents Guide: View content advisory edit, details, official Sites: Official Facebook, official site, country: Germany Language: German English Japanese Release Date: (Germany) See more » Also Known As: Run Lola Run See more » Filming. I would not want to see a sequel to the film, and at 81 minutes it isn't a second too short, but what it does, it does cheerfully, with great energy, and very well. I liked her, though I can't say I got to know her very well, and she is usually out of breath.

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