Why Should Students Study Shakespeare in School?

why Should Students Study Shakespeare in School?

synthesize an immense amount of material and draw it all into a comprehensive narrative. Rather, it should extend throughout the undergraduate career so that continuing engagement with the Styles and Themes of Willi the humanities will complement and add perspective to courses in the major field as well as contribute to students' increasing intellectual maturity as juniors and seniors. The administration's commitment to the curriculum can be seen in the fact that both the president and provost teach core courses. Lower division, general education courses are thus often conceptually no different from the upper division courses offered for majors and graduate students; they are only broader. As University of Puget Sound President Philip Phibbs observed, most colleges and universities sense a crisis on the way and are concerned about the future. I remember thinking often during that first year: This is something you need to do for thirty years before you really get the hang. Some works and their authors have profoundly influenced my life, and it is plain that the same works have influenced the lives of many others as well. He is said to have inspired a generation of influential writers and thinkers including Thomas Merton, John Berryman, Whittaker Chambers, and Beat Generation writers such as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. Most major and professional fields such as pre-law, accounting, and communications. Joseph's involve the humanities.

The general public was also invited in newspaper column by George. In some institutions, it will be difficult to attain. Who can communicate the fruit of long reflection?

For example, Core Studies 1, "Classical Origins of Western Culture requires readings in homer, Sophocles, Herodotus, Aristophanes, Aristotle, Virgil, and other writers of classical antiquity. But the vast majority of students have correctly thought otherwise and have chosen to vote with their feet, stampeding out of the humanities departments. That this report does not discuss these other subjects - notably mathematics, the sciences, and social sciences - is in no way a commentary on their importance. On the other hand, any institution that lacks faculty expertise in the basic fields and work of the humanities should take immediate steps to fill those gaps or to develop such competence in existing faculty. I also, I might add, suffered through bad, half-hearted lectures and some truly terrible attempts at being interactive. The study group held three public meetings during the spring and summer to seek answers to three questions: What is the condition of learning in humanities; why is it as it is; and what, if anything, should be done about it? The study group was alarmed by the tendency of some humanities professors to present their subjects in a tendentious, ideological manner. Instead of demonstrating relevance, however, they condemn the humanities to irrelevance - the first, by subordinating our studies to contemporary prejudices; the second, by implying that the great works no longer had anything to teach us about ourselves or about life. We have blamed others, but the responsibility is ours. Perspective history majors decreased by 60 percent. Joseph's alumni, who frequently write faculty to praise the core as an outstanding feature of their college career.

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