Foundation Quarter Horses

foundation Quarter Horses

the next to impossible by establishing a new breed of beef cattle, the Santa Gertrudis. In almost every case, The Old Sorrel was the sire or grandsire. He knew the history and location of every animal on that ranch. Billy horses were too compact to fit Kleberg's desires, so he looked for a sire of Quarter Horse breeding with which he could perpetuate the qualities he admired in both types. Great Selection from foals to finished horses! He was half Quarter Horse and half Thoroughbred, close to what Bob Kleberg wanted.

FQH - Stallion s Name - aqha.
Calculating Your Horse s Foundation Quarter Horse Percentage.
The method used by Foundation Quarter Horses Association is simple.
It is easy for anyone.
The purpose of the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry is to preserve, protect, and perpetuate the working cow horse bloodlines of the Foundation Quarter Horse.

We believe the real foundation quarter horse is the ultimate in equine partnerships. Rhoad, "The Development of a Superior Family in the Modern Quarter Horse. See more at: Blackburn Rustic Creations, blackburn Foundation Quarter Horses, welcome to Blackburn Foundation Horses website. This is why the ranch started its horse program which eventually resulted in the now famous King Ranch Quarter Horses. Selected fillies were also put through this routine. This is quite a feat considering that blackburn was foaled in 1927. He was sired by Hickory Bill and out of a Thoroughbred mare owned by George Clegg which came from Kentucky. Besides being built to last, they are honest, hard working, patient brave. Northway, and Lauro (Larry) Cavazos. Although Bob Kleberg was not sold on the Thoroughbred as a cow horse the South Texas Billy horse did not fill his eye either. The modern Quarter Horse has been manipulated as a breed so much that we have forgotten what the original Quarter Horse is all about. Foundation genetics doesn't end at 5 generations.

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