A Responsibility of a Citizen

a Responsibility of a Citizen

in military action. If it drains away, the consequences will be dreary. But the key to promoting the health of American democracy will ultimately fall to one bottom-up factor: an informed and engaged citizenry. More importantly, however, is the utility of these skills to the exercise of the basic functions of citizenship: informed voting and civic engagement. Democracy means citizen sovereignty. And theres a fair amount of agreement across groups about what it takes to be a good citizen.

Still, a smaller majority of those under 30 say this (56 compared with larger shares of those ages 30 to 49 (72 50 to 64 (76) and 65 and older (92). Young adults are less likely to call paying the taxes you owe, following the law, participating in the census, and following government and politics very important. Finally, our contributions to global climate change and energy dependence on fossil fuels are clear. In family, church, and school, until the middle of the twentieth century, the rising generation of Americans were taught that they must be personally responsible for their own welfare, for the care of their aging family members, for the security and prosperity of their community. A republic whose citizens - whose leaders, indeed - are concerned chiefly with "looking out for Number One and ignoring their responsibilities of citizenship, soon cannot "insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare" - or carry on the other major. These are only some of the reasons why a 'permissive" society speaks often of rights and seldom of responsibilities.

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The Late, Great, Me

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The Clod Sassy tree

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Working With The Aging

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