Separation from a Loving God

separation from a Loving God

those, surely, who have stored most in heaven, and have least to leave behind on earth, will render their account with the greatest joy. We cannot but see that teaching of the most important character is to be gathered from these facts; and is it not clear that while the need of forgiveness and cleansing is never to be lost sight of, it is not intended that a sense. The cause for this separation is that we human beings are, and have been from the early days of our existence, generally willful rebels against God. We see from these words that it is the purpose of God that the presence and the love of the Spirit should be made known to those in whom He dwells. When Saul, likewise, saw the glory of his risen Saviour, on the way to Damascus, the vision at midday was of a light above the brightness of the sun shining round about him; and the effect of that heavenly vision changed the whole current. As we read of the offerings of the twelve princes, we note that, valuable as they manifestly are, the offerer whose love prompted the gifts, is made more prominent in the inspired record. The highest service demands the greatest sacrifice, but it secures the fullest blessing and the greatest fruitfulness. The timid became courageous; the scattered and persecuted disciples went everywhere preaching the Word; the Holy spirit wrought conviction of sin, and revealed the risen Saviour as the object of faith; and many were added to the Lord. God, the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. How many and how precious the offerings of each, and how great the value of the whole!

Paul asked God to give the Ephesian Christians the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ, that they might know the hope of His calling and the exceeding greatness of His power toward them that believe. And what a glorious Father He is! Christians often get into perplexity about worldly allurements by asking, Where is the sin of this, or the danger of that? Through eternal ages the Son of God, He became, in the fullness of time, the Son of Man. "Papa, I havent bought you a birthday present said she, "I thought you would rather have something I made myself." How my heart went out to the little darling, and how glad I was that she should think that something she could make would.

Are we withholding anything from God which is His due? "To every man according to his service." The Lord did not say, divide it equally among the families of Levi. Does it not seem as though the Divine delight in the offering of His servants was so great that He would have His people also to dwell upon them for twelve consecutive days? Other believers, then in the tribulation, shall join them later and form the harvest unto God (Revelation 7:14-17 and will come with the Bridegroom and Bride when our Lord is revealed from heaven in flaming fire to take vengeance on the ungodly (2 Thessalonians 1:6-10). The fact that he was a son was of no avail to him in the "far country in the place of self-will and self-management.

She had gladdened the heart of Him who was the Creator of all wealth, and the real Owner of it all. Implicit Obedience: Verses 3,. The Sin-Offering and The Peace-Offering edit The sin-offering, as its name indicates, recognized the offerer as guilty and defiled, but obtaining forgiveness and cleansing through the death of the victim in his stead. Do not always return quickly to the home where reconciliation and blessing alone are to be found. Many other lessons, which are hidden from careless and superficial readers, are suggested by these chapters, which the Holy Spirit will reveal to prayerful students of His most precious and most perfect Book. Where there is fitness for the work, the way will probably be made the Death Penalty and Juvenile Offenders plain after a time of patient waiting. "For of Him as the great Designer, "and through Him as the effectual Power for the carrying out of His purposes, "and to Him as the real Object of all service, "are all things: to whom be the glory for ever. When love overflows, loving words, loving embraces, or loving gifts instinctively follow. And why is this? God claims the right of determining the personal appearance of His servant, and directs that separated ones should be manifestly such.

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