Opinions on Capital Punishment

opinions on Capital Punishment

prevents a murderer from having the chance to murder again. If you do want them to die, then you support the death penalty. Do we feel that we need to show the power of the police force by killing the killers? If someone takes away another's human right to survive, we are no better than the original killer by executing him/her. Capital punishment is not always just and appropriate. More troubling still are the wrongful convictions. Chart: fill in the missing information using the text: Capital punishment.

Japan and India) and Africa (e g Botswana and Zambia) retain it So, more than 60 of the worldwide population live in countries where executions lake place These are the four symbolizing a Mocking Bird most populous countries of the world: the People's Republic of, china, India, the USA. Now I have changed my mind fully. Some thought has been that if you do kill the killer, it will deter others from committing such a terrible crime. Some of the ways of executing criminals are hanging, shooting, electrocution and giving lethal injections. They thought that they had the right person for the crime and now, with new evidence, they were proven wrong. Its true that 19 states and the District of Columbia have already banned capital punishment, four have suspended it and eight others havent executed anyone in more than a decade. Also carrying out the killing of someone leaves extremely deep emotional scars that do not go away overnight. A long liable suit would follow, but I'm sure all the money in the world would not bring back their family member. Death penalty is prevalent in the US, Asian and Middle Eastern countries. In China, human trafficking and serious cases of corruption are punished by the death penalty.

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