The Art of Romanticism

the Art of Romanticism

of showing feelings that the Romantic artists conveyed in facial expressions in their paintings. For a good example, look up Henry Fuseli's. How Long Was the Movement? Besides, none of the greatest art historians have been able to come up with a satisfactory, succinct response. The word romance had multiple meanings during its long history, but in the context of art, its a reference to strong emotions associated with an art style that was prevalent at the dawn of the 19th century. Rebels of a new generation, romanticism was the anithesis of, neoclassicism. Sturm und Drang movement (late 1760s to early 1780s) was predominantly revenge-driven literary and minor-key musically but led to a handful of visual artists painting terrifying scenes.

With the exception of William Blake, who practiced a more visionary art, the English Romantic painters favored landscape.
Romantic art truly got underway at the turn of the century, and had its greatest number of practitioners for the next 40 years.
If you are taking notes, that is an 1800 to 1840 heyday.

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Join the Community, share ideas. New York: Phaidon, 2001. Where the Romantic art movement appeared? For many generations, since the start of the Enlightenment period, the educated classes looked down on that period and labelled it the Dark Ages. Shipwrecks, historically speaking, have always had high mortality rates.

The dark side of, romanticism

the Art of Romanticism

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