Anne Bradstreet Poetry - Symbolism

anne Bradstreet Poetry - Symbolism

cycles, and seasons of death and rebirth. The speaker uses a bunch of metap. Bradstreet's most successful expression of the Puritan ideal of living fully in the world without being." The poet always evinces the Puritan reflex to look to Heaven while simultaneously praising the Earth below, but the poems also "deepen and expand what is normally. Night comes before we are aware of it and all pleasures flee. 21, she sits under the Elm. They will soon be forgotten, and all their accomplishments will be covered in dust. Here, though, Bradstreet writes about Time as "the fatal wrack of all mortal things including monuments and tombs to kings. 3, she looks at a stately oak tree and reflects on its great age. Nothing escapes Time's clutches. She feels an immense degree of pleasure in contemplating the natural world, which leads her to think about God, who must be even grander and more glorious than His creations.

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8, she wanders throughout nature, raising her eyes to the sky and wishing she could sing sweet songs to her Creator. My love is such that rivers can not quench,." (5-7). She is sad to contemplate that humans do not have this rebirth we grow old, fall, and remain where we are laid. Anne Bradstreet's poem, To My Dear and Loving Husband, shows her profound love and undying affection for her husband. The stone is a talisman, just like the oak, the sun, the grasshopper, the river, the fish, etc., giving the poet fruit for contemplation and ultimately bringing her back to God. She watches the river glide by, and thinks that it is better than the trees she used to admire so much. Hildebrand explains that "Contemplations" is "more vivid and complex, thanks to a subjective approach, greater selectivity, and a more appropriate stanza form" than the Quaternions, but both poems contain the theme of vanity). Finally, the poet sees that man will turn to God after he realizes that Earthly life cannot offer immortality.

27 She speaks to the merry bird, which is filled with pleasure and delight, never worrying or despairing. Critic Randall Huff observes that the poet sees the fish as "wanton people enjoying their liberty and frisk in the air but soon drop back to the deaths where they devour each other." The river symbolizes Earthly life, which flows into Heaven just as the. 2, she wonders that if there is so much excellence on Earth, how much more must there be in Heaven? Bradstreet gives their relationship as an example to others and tells the reader that if ever a couple was the most devoted to each other, it would be her and her husband. God is glory, light, and power, and Heaven must be all Spring and all Light. Indeed, it is a compelling and complex rumination on the majesty of nature and God, and the place that man occupies on Earth.

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