Ontario Elections 2003

ontario Elections 2003

election results ended eight years of rule by the Progressive Conservatives, first under Premier Mike Harris, and later under Premier Ernie Eves. The following are some of the results from that poll. Wynne is the 25th premier of Ontario and has been leader for more than five years. Highways and Transit Investment : Commit to investing in highways and transit to meet growing transportation demands. Election Trivia page: Contested elections were fairly sporadic in the early days of Canada's Confederation. Homelessness : Introduce Shared Care Teams of outreach workers, nurses, doctors, and psychiatrists to bring health and mental health services to homeless people. Introduce programs and support for struggling schools and to help schools innovate.

In 2003, Dalton McGuinty s Liberals sweep the election after a campaign marked by some bizarre name calling.
News in Review Ontario Votes: The Election of 2003.
Ontario s voters went to t he polls October 2 to decide between two competing visions of the future.
Liberals Win Ontario 2003 Election.
BY THE last DAY of campaigning, the death rattle was hard to ignore.

You could hear it in Ernie eves.
Find an educational feature detailing the 2003 provincial election in Ontario, Canada.
The last time Ontario had a PC government was in 2003.
Eves was pre mier from, and took over the party after former premier Mike.
Ontario is having an election Thursday in which the three major par ty leaders.

2003 Ontario Liberal Party Leader and key policies of the Liberal Party Leader of the Liberal Party Dalton McGuinty was born in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1955. Since 1867, 622 candidates won by acclamation - including Joseph-Aldric Ouimet (1848-1916) who has the enviable record of having been acclaimed 5 times! Make Best Premier, pC Eves 39, lIB McGuinty 28, nDP Hampton 15, opinion of PC Premier Eves, improved. Include a real cap of 20 students per class in the early grades. Some highlights from the Library of Parliament's. In health care and education, the Ontario Liberal Party made the following commitments: Medicare Act : Pass a Commitment to Medicare Act that will make universal, public medicare the law in Ontario. Just.6 per cent of Ontarians voted.

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